Malkin Cleaners Outline the Three Reasons why Water Damage Experts are Required Immediately after a Flooding Event

January 10, 2014

For those with older properties, the sight of a leak within a basement or garage wall can be commonplace. But this commonplace issue can often have long-standing consequences for those who don’t take the initiative to work with professionals in resolving the leak. Flood restoration experts Malkin Cleaners have worked with hundreds of clients from North Vancouver to the whole lower mainland to help protect property during water damage events.  They’ve outlined the three reasons why expert analysis is required immediately when homeowners discover flooding in their property.

1)      The Initial Water Damage can Progress over Time

A small water damage issue can evolve into a large problem for the homeowner if not resolved within a consolidated timeframe. Whether it occurs over a period of days, weeks, months, or years, water damage can slowly weaken the internal structure of a property. This can not only lead to a loss in home value, but can also potentially endanger the health of those living inside the home at the time. Fast action can help prevent this issue.

2)      Professionals can Expertly Assess Damage Levels

Given the potential of health issues due to water damage, professional flood restoration assistance is required for Canadian homeowners. Professionals can review the damaged areas of the property and assess how extensive the damage is and whether there is any mold growth in the area. This can help homeowners to come a conclusion on how to respond to the issue. And it can also help the homeowner save a great deal of time and money in the future.

3)      A Proactive Response Can Help Reduce the Cleanup time

Oftentimes, homeowners require their home to be repaired quickly and professionally after water damage occurs. By acting quickly and working with industry experts, homeowners can ensure that the cleanup work required is reduced. This ensures the property owner and their family can get back to their normal routine while living in a safe environment.

To learn more about the best strategies to use when responding to a water damage event, contact the team at flood restoration experts, Malkin Cleaners today. Qualified personnel are now available to respond to technical questions and high priority cleanup projects.