Furnace & Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

Reaching All The Places Where You Can’t And Making Your Home Germ Free!

Houses have a multitude of nooks and crannies and dirt has a way of collecting in places that you can’t reach. This is why you need to call the professionals and there is no one better than Malkin Cleaners! Malkin Cleaners with a 90-year history of duct and furnace cleaning knows just how to clean the ducts in your home, minimize the risk to you and your family, and make sure that you are not disturbed during the process!

Why Duct Cleaning?

Most people forego furnace and duct cleaning. This is because they cannot see for themselves the dirt that has accumulated in their air ducts and furnaces. This leads to a build-up of germs and bacteria as a result of this dust and dirt accumulation.

Clean the Air You Breathe!

This problem becomes aggravated if you end up with an infestation such as that of insects or rodents.

Increase Energy Efficiency!

Not only can you clean the air that enters your home, you will save money on energy costs as your HVAC systems and air ducts are working at optimal levels.

We take Care of Every Detail!

With the number of components that HVAC systems, furnaces, and air ducts entail, many other service providers fail to do a complete job. Malkin Cleaners makes sure that all debris that has accumulated in spaces that cannot be seen has been completely decontaminated and freed of any residue.

Office Ducts!

Office duct cleaning require more in-depth cleaning services than residential buildings. If the commercial building is higher than a few stories, the problem requires professional services! We at Malkin cleaners know the ins and outs of air vent and duct systems, and know just how to handle a project of such proportions. We clean each and every component including:

  • air handling unit components
  • outdoor air intakes
  • VAV boxes
  • Coils for reheating
  • exhaust ductwork

Office buildings carry a lot more debris than residential spaces and our experts borrow from 90 years of our history and practices to make sure that your vents are perfectly clean.

Why Clean Office Ducts?

Cleaning office air ducts and HVAC systems is of paramount importance because businesses are responsible for the health of their employees. A Healthier Air System Will Lead To Healthier Employees! This means that the number of sick leaves will decrease leading to increased productivity in the workplace.

How We Do It

Every air duct and ventilation system is different and needs to be approached in a unique way. Drawing on almost a century of expertise, we are aware of all systems and have the expertise to clean them.

No matter how complex the system, Malkin can clean it!

Our experts visit the premises once before the actual cleaning process begins in order to check on the internal framework of the ventilation. Once we have an idea of where to begin, we set out a plan and begin cleaning using air wash methods through a vacuum pump. This allows the debris to come loose leaving you with clean and pure air ducts.

Our services include:

  • Furnace and ducts cleaning
  • Clothes dryer duct cleaning
  • Duct sealing
  • Improvement of indoor air quality
  • Full service duct and furnace cleaning
  • Pest & Odour removal

Contact Us!

If you want a consultation or want to get in contact with one of our representatives to schedule an air vent or duct cleaning, feel free to contact us at 604-922-7210 to speak with our customer care representatives.