Happy New Year from Your Vancouver Emergency Water Damage Restoration Team

December 30, 2018

vancouver emergency water damage

(JANUARY 8, 2019) Vancouver, BC-based Malkin Cleaners are extending their best wishes for the New Year to homeowners throughout the area. The Vancouver emergency water damage restoration company is looking forward to continuing their work helping homeowners during 2019 and is ready to respond to all water damage issues that arise.

When assessing water problems within your property, it’s imperative you have access to a qualified emergency water damage restoration professional that can offer guidance at a moment’s notice. This assistance is required to mitigate the potential damage to your property in the long-term. The team at Malkin Cleaners has many years of experience in this crucial area of expertise.

Malkin Cleaners can now respond 24-hours-a-day to any water damage issues you face within your home. Whether the problem is a leaking toilet or basement flooding, their service experts have the tools and experience to minimize damage. When you call, a qualified professional from Malkin Cleaners responds immediately to ensure your needs are met. Their team also offers a number of additional services, including sewage cleanup and black mold removal, to help keep homes safe against potential health hazards.

The team from Malkin Cleaners committed to completing any cleanup work in a timely manner. Their team works with the latest equipment to minimize the time it takes to resolve water damage and will leave your home in better condition than it was even before the damage occurred.

Having a water damage restoration service on call can safeguard your Vancouver home for the years ahead. To learn more about Malkin Cleaners, call their offices now at 604-210-6535 or visit