Water Damage Restoration

emergency water damage repair

Turn to Malkin Cleaners, Experts in Emergency Water Damage Repair

Here at Malkin Cleaners, we pride ourselves on our understanding of the latest emergency water damage repair issues. Our teams are on call and ready 24/7 around the clock to provide a swift response to all water damage repair issues. This means we can be the “first call” property owners make when they experience a water intrusion event. With over 90 years’ experience at the helm of the marketplace, Malkin Cleaners is the clear water damage emergency repair specialist.

Clients turn to Malkin Cleaners for:

  • Immediate Responses

The team here at Malkin Cleaners is ready to respond to emergency repair issues at a moment’s notice. We operate a fleet of repair vehicles and employ some of the most qualified professionals within the local water damage repair field!

  • Expert Guidance

Our team undergoes regular training using the latest technology to isolate water damage within property, determine the cause of the issue and begin to remedy immediately. This means we can minimize all water damage repair projects timeframes to reduce disruption in the home and office. We help property owners protect their belongings during the process and get things back to normal effectively.

  • Insurance Assistance

Once an emergency water damage repair has been completed, property owners often require assistance in working with their insurance company to analyze the damage and ensure adequate compensation for the repair work. We work directly with insurance companies to help save our clients’ time and allow them to follow their normal routines after the repair work has been completed.

  • Answers to Repair Questions

Each of our team members has been working within the lower mainland emergency water damage repair marketplace for several years. They can help answer any question our clients have based on their knowledge of water damage issues. They can also guide property owners on how to secure their home or business for the future, potentially saving them thousands of dollars over the long-term!

Our experts are available for emergency water damage repair work around the clock! We have the experience and expertise to handle any repair challenge with seamless professionalism! Call our emergency line now at (604) 970-9052 to speak with a specialist.