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Black Mold Removal in Vancouver


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Black mold removal must be completed by a company with years of experience and the certifications to assure a professional removal process. Our team at Malkin Cleaners is recognized within the Canadian mold removal field. We’re the local Vancouver removal company for black mold challenges. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we can help you remove black mold and safeguard your property for the long-term.

Clients turn to Malkin Cleaners for:

  • Our Experience

With decades of experience at the heart of the black mold removal market, our Vancouver company is ready to meet any removal challenge head-on. We know the challenges you face in safeguarding your property, and we can use our past experience over hundreds of projects to get to the root cause of the issue and reduce your removal costs.

  • Our Communication

It’s not always easy to find a specialist that communicates with precision. We’ve trained our team to work with our clients to ensure that you always actionable information on which to make a fact-based decision. This work begins with the consultation phase, through which we’ll explain the nature of the mold damage and guide you on our full removal process. The consultation phase is the foundation to our service work, and allows you to make a decision on our services with all the information you need at your disposal.

  • Our Innovation

As the leading black mold removal company serving the Vancouver marketplace, we use a range of innovative tools to detect black mold before it becomes a long-standing challenge. Our commitment to innovation means we can complete our projects in less time and at a lower cost compared to other local market leaders.

The trusted team here at Malkin Cleaners is available today to help you move forward within the mold removal process for your property. For a consultation, contact us directly!