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By turning to our mold remediation experts at Malkin Cleaners, you can mitigate the cost of mold removal for your Burnaby property. Our experts are qualified to not only locate the mold intrusion, but remove the problem effectively and then ensure the entire property is restored to peak condition. It’s the comprehensive mold remediation service expected by Burnaby homeowners.

Turn to Malkin Cleaners for:

  • Expert Guidance

Our team has decades of experience offering mold remediation services throughout Burnaby. Our experience means we can respond to all remediation challenges by offering expert advice based on the latest guidance from within the industry. Furthermore, we’re available on an emergency basis 24/7. This means you’ll never have to wait to get access to a specialist.

  • Comprehensive Services

Our full range of services includes mold identification, removal, and the remediation of the home. It’s the style of service that can save you thousands of dollars in dealing with a mold issue. Our focus is on helping your family remain happy and healthy in the long-term, and so we can work efficiently to address all mold challenges with the utmost precision and professionalism.

  • Long-Term Assistance

Our team at Malkin Cleaners partner with homeowners for the long-term to ensure the mold never returns to their property. We help homeowners understand the impact of mold in their home and the signs to identify in mitigating its return. This way, we can help protect their family and ensure a specialist is available on short notice if they have any future question and concerns.

A trusted team of mold remediation experts is now available for all Burnaby homeowners. To begin the remediation process with trusted professionals by your side, contact our experts now!