Water Damage Restoration Company in Coquitlam

In selecting the services of water damage restoration companies, Coquitlam residents require access to trusted teams that have proven experience in the industry. Malkin Cleaners has long been considered one of the local market leaders for our comprehensive services suite and the professionalism of our teams. We offer water damage restoration services 24/7 throughout the Coquitlam community and we can meet any restoration challenge property owners face.

Our full suite of services includes:

  • Comprehensive restoration

Our restoration process begins with an analysis of the property and includes both the drying and the removal work required to safeguard the area. We then follow through with the restoration of the space to ensure the property is returned to its peak pre-event condition. Each of our team members is qualified through the IICRC and has decades of experience working with emergency restoration companies in Coquitlam.

  • Insurance work

We help homeowners complete all the insurance paperwork and in their dealings with their insurance company. This means that homeowners have an expert on their side when they’re trying to recoup the value of their policy after a water damage event. We’ll complete all the analysis work required by the insurance firm and then conduct the restoration process in conjunction with the insurance firm. This ensures clients save money and minimize their stress levels as their property is restored.

  • Follow-up guidance

Beyond our initial restoration work, we’ve become one of the top restoration companies in Coquitlam by committing to post-project service for our clientele. We follow-up with clients to discuss their property and any further challenges they might be experiencing after the water damage event. This ensures that qualified water damage professionals are available to manage any restoration requirements over the long-term.

Our team is here to guide you on your restoration process. To learn more on our water damage restoration services, call us today at 604-970-9052.