Protect Your Property with Malkin Cleaning: One of The Top Water Damage Restoration Companies In Vancouver

Water Damage Restoration in Vancouver

Founded in 1923, Malkin Cleaners is a family-owned operation whose mission has always been to provide the best possible water cleaning services to Vancouver and the greater surrounding area.  Each generation has worked to make the company better and better, with the result that we are now Vancouver’s go-to choice for repairing and restoring a property that has suffered water damage.

Full-Service Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Our team at Malkin has access to the latest in technology to detect and cleanse water throughout a property, as well as sterilizing the area to prevent contamination.  

We can assist you with:

Water Damage Restoration:  From minor leak damage to property-wide flooding, we will develop a plan of action and then act fast to preserve as much as your property as possible.

Sewage Cleanup:   A sewage break does not necessarily mean a property and the items in it are a write-off.  As one of the Vancouver market’s finest water damage restoration companies, Malkin specializes in preserving and restoring a building and the possessions within, even with extensive sewage damage, while fully cleansing the area.

Black Mold Removal:  Black mold is a threat whenever a building has been flooded, and can pose significant health risks.  The Malkin Team is experienced in locating and entirely eradicating black mold so it doesn’t return.

Fire Damage:  The combination of fire, smoke, and fire-fighting chemicals isn’t beyond Malkin’s ability to repair!  If you’ve suffered a building fire, contact Malkin to see how much of your property can be restored.

24/7/365 Water Damage Restoration In Vancouver From One of the Region’s Top Companies

Our team at Malkin Cleaners is on-call at all hours of the day, even on weekends and holidays.  No matter when a water disaster strikes, we can be ready to respond almost instantly.  We’ll arrive swiftly and take immediate action to prevent any further damage.

For emergency cleanup services or a repair consultation, contact Malkin Cleaners today.