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We provide water damage restoration services in vancouver, so if you are in a water damage emergency, CALL NOW, we will handle all matters with your insurance provider. Available 24/7 for immediate response.

Established in 1923 we have helped thousands of property owners restore
their property from fire and water damage. Fully certified and bonded
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Founded in 1923, Malkin Cleaners is a family-owned operation whose mission has always been to provide the best possible water cleaning services to Vancouver and the greater surrounding area.  Each generation has worked to make the company better and better, with the result that we are now Vancouver’s go-to choice for repairing and restoring a property that has suffered water damage as well as fire, mold and sewage.

Identifying Water Damage in Your Home

It’s critical that you recognize the signs of water damage within your property as quickly as possible before the damage causes structural issues. The following are clear signs that your home has water damage:

  • Pooling water in the basement

Pooling water in the basement is a clear sign that you have a leak somewhere. The problem could be related to a leaking fixture upstairs, hot water heater issues or faulty/damaged pipes throughout your home. The moment you notice pooling water you should call the team at Malkin Cleaners for assistance.

  • Water spots on the wall

Water spots occur when water leaks from pipes within structural areas of the home, damaging the wallpaper and other decorative elements throughout the property. By the time you notice water spots on your walls, there might already be significant damage within your property.

  • Musty smell in the home

When water has been sitting for several days or more, it can create a musty smell that spreads throughout the home. If you notice such a smell in your household, it could be time to consult with the team at Malkin Cleaners. We have the technology to track the source of water intrusion and stop a water damage event in its tracks.

  • Rising water costs

The costs of supplying your home with water can rise significantly when you have a leak within the property. A higher water bill is one of the first signs that a homeowner may have of a water issue on the premises. While the leak might not have actively damaged the home, it could be costing you money each month and will eventually cause structural damage.

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What Should I Do When I Notice Water Damage?

If you have noticed any of the signs of water damage within your home, it’s essential you follow the required steps to stay safe and protect your property.

We recommend you take the following steps if you believe you have a water leak:

  • Turn off the power

Turn off the power to that area of the home to prevent the risk of electrical shock. If you cannot reach your circuit breaker, call the team at Malkin Cleaners to handle the issue directly.

  • Move furniture away from the area

Where possible, move your furniture away from the pooling water. This can help our team reach the space more quickly and ensure your furniture isn’t damaged.

  • Keep children and pets outside the space

If you have pets and small children, make sure they are kept away from the water damage.

  • Call Malkin Cleaners as quickly as you can

In an emergency, you can call Malkin Cleaners to respond. Our Vancouver emergency water damage restoration team has the skill and equipment necessary to respond quickly and effectively to any emergency.

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Full-Service Emergency Water Damage Repair Work in Vancouver

Our team at Malkin has access to the latest in technology to detect and cleanse water throughout a property, as well as sterilizing the area to prevent contamination.

We can assist you with:

Water Damage Restoration:  From minor leak damage to property-wide flooding, we will develop a plan of action and then act fast to preserve as much as your property as possible.

Sewage Cleanup:   A sewage break does not necessarily mean a property and the items in it are a write-off.  As one of Vancouver’s finest water damage restoration companies, Malkin Cleaners specializes in preserving and restoring properties with extensive sewage damage, while fully-cleansing the area.

Black Mold Removal:  Black mold is a threat whenever a building has been flooded and can pose significant health risks.  The Malkin Cleaners is experienced in locating and eradicating black mold.

Fire Damage:  The combination of fire, smoke, and fire-fighting chemicals isn’t beyond Malkin Cleaners’ ability to repair. If you’ve suffered a building fire, contact us to see how much of your property can be restored.

Why Turn to Malkin Cleaners?

As a local emergency water damage restoration company serving Vancouver and the surrounding area, Malkin Cleaners is recognized for our understanding of the challenges homeowners face in managing water damage issues.

Below are just a few of the many reasons our clients select our services:

  • 24-Hour-a-Day Response

We can respond at any time of the day or night for your restoration requirements. We employ some of the most qualified water damage professionals in the industry, meaning the moment we enter your home we’re ready to begin the water removal process.

  • Decades of Industry Experience

Our industry experience is second-to-none. We use this experience both within our assessment work and our practical working roles. Throughout the decades in the industry, we’ve helped thousands of clients to protect their homes against the dangers of water damage.

  • Guidance with Insurance

Dealing with insurance matters after suffering water damage can be a challenging process. You might not have the time to speak with insurance teams while caring for your family, so just leave it to Malkin Cleaners. We work with insurance companies throughout Vancouver to manage claims and ensure all information is filed according to the legal requirements. We’ll take photos of the damage, complete insurance forms, and communicate costs with your insurance company.

24/7 water damage restoration in Vancouver from one of the region’s top companies

The team at Malkin Cleaners is on call at all hours of the day, even on weekends and holidays.  No matter when your water disaster strikes, we can respond immediately, arriving swiftly to prevent any further damage.

For emergency cleanup services or a repair consultation, contact Malkin Cleaners today.

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