Our Restoration Team Offers a Guide to Protecting Your Surrey Company After a Water Damage Event

As a leading water damage restoration company in Surrey, we’ve helped many local firms after water damage events. We know the challenges businesses face and the solutions that help protect the firm during the restoration process. In this post, we’ll provide our guide to protecting your business after a water damage event.

Act quickly

The first step is the most crucial. Act quickly to protect your firm against further damage due to the water damage event. Ensure that you call a local Surrey water damage restoration company to inspect the damage and begin on a restoration plan. The sooner a team can begin their work, the shorter the amount of time before your business reopens.

Review drying options

Work with the restoration company to review all of the drying options available. They’ll begin on drying the structure of the property. Any areas of drywall that have been soaked may have to be replaced. Consider each of the plans available and make sure you have a clear timeline for the restoration process. It could be completed in days depending on the extent of the damage.

Consider the disinfection process

Business equipment such as furniture and flooring may have to be disinfected before it’s used again within a publicly-accessible space. The restoration team will likely to use an anti-microbial agent to ensure any harmful bacteria is removed from the property during their restoration process. Make sure you follow their instructions with precision during this time. Try to stay out of their way and provide them with full access to the building.

Allow for complete drying before re-opening

Some business owners make the mistake of re-opening their business a short time after the restoration work when building materials are still drying. This can lead to long-term structural problems that prevent the success of the company in the years to come. Take the time now to ensure all restoration work is completed successfully and then you can rest assured the building is safe and secure.

Our experienced team at Malkin Cleaners offers comprehensive guidance as a local Surrey water damage restoration company. To learn more about your restoration options, please call us today.