Flood Damage Repair in West Vancouver – Are Water Alarms Worth the Investment?

As a leading emergency water damage restoration company in West Vancouver, we often get questions about how to prevent flood damage.  One of the most common inquiries is whether water alarms are worth the money and can actually prevent a flood from happening.  This is a somewhat complicated question since you’ve got a number of options where water alarms are concerned.

So, let’s take a look!

Flood Damage Repair Experts Look at The Value in Water Alarms

One of the big factors here is that there are several different types of water alarms, at many different price points.

At the low end, you can get very simple devices for $20 or less which simply sit in one place and beep loudly if they get wet – kind of the water equivalent of a smoke detector.  Given how inexpensive these are, they can actually be a good value. A handful set up in key places that might see leaks – such as next to your basement water heater or underneath your sink – could definitely pay for themselves the first time they alert you to an issue you wouldn’t typically notice.

Of course, the chances of these devices preventing a flood are fairly low.  They’re more likely to simply save you money on water bills by alerting you to small leaks earlier.  Of course if you are not home, they are not effective at all.

Things are more interesting at the high end.  Some of the better-quality water alarms can be hooked up to your water main, and actually cut off the flow entirely if they detect a major leak.  That absolutely would stop a flood, If the alarm has sensors in place to detect the leak early.  The biggest problem with these units is actually false positives since they could just as easily mistake a leaky roof letting in rain for an in-house leak, and needlessly stop the water line.

Finally, many home alarm companies offer humidity detectors.  This is the most expensive option, but it’s also going to give you the most comprehensive protection.  With these, you’d have a live human responding when the humidity detector was tripped, potentially even sending emergency services to deal with the problem.  If you were away from home, this would be a lifesaver.

Overall, water alarms can be a good investment – if you understand their limitations.

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