Basement Water Damage Restoration Company – If Your Home Is Flooding, Follow These Steps!

If you wake up or come home to discover your home is flooding, time is of the essence.  The faster you move, the better your chances are of limiting the extent of your property damage.  It might even make a difference in whether you can save cherished items in the flooded rooms.

Here’s what to do, straight from a highly experienced basement water damage restoration company in Vancouver.

What to Do -And Not Do- If Your Home Is Flooded

First, and most importantly:

  1. Do NOT wade straight into the water!

Floodwater inside a home can be extremely dangerous.  If the water is coming in from outside your home, it could easily be filled with runoff, pesticides, sewage, and any number of other dangerous contaminants.  Further, there’s always the chance that there’s a live wire or electrical socket in contact with the water, turning the entire flood into an electrocution hazard.

  1. If you can see the leak, shut off your water.

If you know that the leak is coming from within your own home, your first step should be to shut off your water main.  This will prevent the damage from spreading.  But again, don’t do this if you will have to wade into the water to do so.

  1. Call in a basement water damage restoration company in Vancouver

Flood damage cleanup simply isn’t something you can do on your own, not safely.  You want genuine professionals with the tools, equipment, and safety gear needed to do the job right.  That should be your first phone call, after shutting off the water.

  1. Call your insurance company 

Once your water cleanup team is on the scene and got a handle on the situation, it’s time to call your insurance company when they open.  Usually, the water damage restoration crew will be able to work with your insurance company to ensure the repairs take place per your agreement, and other info you’ll need to file the claim.

  1. Start documenting the damage

Pull out your cell phone and start taking pictures.  You want to document as much as possible, just in case you need it later.  Such pictures could be helpful for your insurance claim, or potentially even be evidence in court.

If You See Flooding, Call Us ASAP!

Every minute counts when there’s flooding.  In an emergency in North Vancouver, contact Malkin Cleaners for prompt service.