Our North Vancouver Emergency Water Damage Restoration Company Team Explains How to Prepare for Water Damage

A water damage issue can arise on short notice. A pipe can burst, or significant rainfall can cause local flooding. It’s important your business has a plan in place to prevent water damage in the years ahead. Our emergency water damage restoration company in North Vancouver is committed to the prevention of flooding challenges. Within our latest post, we’re highlighting how to safeguard your business against water damage.

  • Before the water intrusion

Before any problem reveals itself, make sure that you have the required tools and support on-hand to prevent significant damage. Invest in water pumps for your building to be prepared if a flood seems possible with heavy rains for instance. These tools can be purchased cost-effectively from your local hardware store and can help to limit potential water intrusion and protect against equipment damage. You may also invest in sandbags and available sand to fill them to protect the exterior of the building.

  • During the event

If you’re in the midst of a flooding event and require assistance from an emergency water damage restoration company in North Vancouver we recommend that you wear protective gear in reviewing the current condition of the building. For example, you should wear rubber boots to protect your skin against potential infections from dirty water and electricity than may be conducting. If you have significant time before the water intrusion begins, prepare by turning off the electricity to reduce the potential electrical hazard within the property. You might also move high-priority equipment to high-elevation areas of the building if you have a few hours before potential damage occurs. The restoration company will arrive quickly but often minutes make a significant difference in averting damages.

  • Assessing the damage

If you’re returning to your property after a water intrusion event, it’s critical you work with your local emergency water damage restoration company in North Vancouver to resolve any health and safety problems. They are many safety protocols to consider. For example, you should never enter areas in which electrical equipment is connected to flood waters, as the current could extend throughout the flooded area. You should also avoid areas in which roofing and wall structures have been badly damaged by floods. Leave the assessment work to the professionals and safeguard your team.

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