A Guide to Water Damage Restoration Work for Your Surrey Home

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Are you looking to prepare yourself in case of a fire or water damage
event? The following information will describe in detail prevention and
procedures regarding protecting your home or buildings.

  • Leaking pipes

When the pipes within your home begin to swell either due to changes in temperature or due to material aging, they may crack. Water then seeps through these cracks and enters your home. If you notice small puddles begin to develop underneath bathroom and basement piping areas, you must call our water damage restoration company quickly to asses and resolve the problem.

  • Gutter debris

The optimal performance of guttering and downspouts is essential to move water away from your home. In our region of Canada, we experience significant rainfall throughout the fall, and this period is particularly damaging to home gutters. When a piece of your gutter breaks or clogs with leaves, the system will overflow, causing water to settle near your basement spaces in the home. Most basement floods are caused by this type of structural issue.

  • Clogged Drains

You might not know it immediately, but a clogged toilet or kitchen sink is a significant flooding risk. When a clog occurs, and the water is backed up, you may find you cannot control the flow of water into your home. Water may then back up through your shower drain and throughout your property. Turning to our experienced team can help ensure a swift resolution to this common home issue.

Why Malkin Cleaners?

The team here at Malkin Cleaners has served the Surrey community for several decades in our role as water damage restoration experts. Within this role, we’ve helped property owners across the community safeguard their homes and businesses while ensuring the environment is safe for future use. Harnessing the latest guidance from industry regulators, we complete restoration work to the highest of standards and offer fast, effective solutions to all water damage challenges. For these reasons, we’re considered one of the most foremost water damage restoration companies serving Surrey.

Turn to Malkin Cleaners for:

  • IICRC-Qualified Professionals

Each of our restoration experts is qualified according to the highest of standards set by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification). We continually surpass the work of our competitors while providing value for money for our growing number of clientele throughout Surrey.

  • Emergency Responses

We know that water damage can occur at any time of the day. And that’s why we operate one of the leading emergency services in the water damage restoration industry. Few water damage restoration companies can match the work of our Surrey emergency team. We arrive at properties within minutes to offer protection and assured water damage guidance.

  • Efficient Removal Work

A water damage issue can be a costly problem within commercial properties. We take great care in ensuring commercial removal work is completed to strict timelines, protecting our business clients against long-standing office and store closures.

  • Long-Term Strategies

Our work doesn’t take place over a few hours or a day. We can offer long-term strategies for protecting properties against the dangers of water damage. We partner with clients to safeguard their properties in the long-term while guiding them on the industry-wide best practices.

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Tips for Resolving Water Damage in Your Surrey Home

Water intrusion is known to cause lasting damage to the structure of a home. Property owners with a significant water damage issue on their property must react promptly. Below are several tips for resolving water damage and working with your local Surrey restoration team.

  • First, disconnect the power

If the water impacts areas in which you have electrical equipment plugged in, make sure you turn off the power to these areas. Turn off the power at the fuse level rather than touching the plug and pulling the plug physically out of the wall in areas of water damage. The plug and wiring could be damaged by water and there could be a live current running through the equipment.

  • Keep animals and young children away

When you’ve experienced a water damage event, you’ll likely have to separate young children and pets away from the space for a short period of time. This can help you to assess the damage and begin the water damage restoration work in your Surrey home. Block the area off and ensure that any toys or pet litter boxes in the area are cleaned before being re-used.

  • Gather loose items from the floor

The water might have moved items such as clothing, newspapers, and magazines from tables onto the floor. Before the water damage restoration team arrives, ensure that their path to the damaged area is clear by removing any loose items from the floor. This will help to improve the efficiency of the company’s cleaning work and will limit the time it takes for the job to be completed.

  • If possible, remove upholstery and cushions from furniture

If any furniture has been damaged during the flood event, you might only have a limited time to ensure the furniture can be re-used in the future. Remove the upholstery and the cushions from your furniture and place them in a dry storage space ready for laundry. Our Surrey water damage restoration team can then dry the furniture underneath more easily, helping protect the piece for years to come.

We Can Help

Through swift removal work based around long-term strategies for protecting against water damage, our team at Malkin Cleaners continues to be the recognized local specialist. Our experienced water damage restoration Surrey professionals are here to answer your questions and begin restoring your home.

To learn more about our water damage restoration services in Surrey, call us now at 604-265-7686.

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