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Water Damage Cleanup Burnaby


We provide water damage restoration services in burnaby, If you are in a water damage emergency, CALL NOW, we will handle all matters with your insurance provider. Available 24/7 for immediate response.

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Water-related disasters can (and usually do) strike without warning, and they’re among the worst things that can happen to a property owner.  Water damage is a particularly insidious form of property damage because its effects are so long-lasting.  Beyond the immediate damage done by the water intrusion to a building and property, it can cause long-term growth of mold and other contaminants that pose serious health problems.

That’s why for over 90 years, Burnaby residents have called on Malkin Cleaners as one of their go-to water damage restoration companies. No other water damage firm in the area has the same level of experience and dedication to excellence as our team here at Malkin.

No Matter the Water Damage, Malkin Cleaners Can Help!

From minor issues to major property-wide damage, Malkin Cleaners has the tools, the skills, and the technology to do a full site cleanup with an emphasis on protecting and restoring as much of your property as possible.

The Steps Involved in the Restoration Process

Each element of our restoration process has been designed to ensure your home is protected for the long-term. Our full process includes the following:

  • Analysis

We’ll review your home and determine the source of the water damage, then explain to you how we’ll complete the cleanup and restoration work.

  • Cleanup

Our specialist cleaners will resolve issues with mold and odour throughout the home. We’ll remove heavily contaminated items and begin the process of removing the water.

  • Drying

Once our cleanup crew has completed their work, we then dry all areas of the property and complete a further assessment to ensure the structure of the home is safe.

  • Restoration

Once the home structure is dry and all remnants of moisture have been removed, we then begin our restoration phase. This includes replacing any drywall and insulation that has sustained serious damage and repairing flooring that shows signs of the impact of moisture.

  • Final assessment

Once we’ve completed the restoration work, we’ll then go over the home with you and conduct a final assessment to determine any lingering issues. Once you and your assigned restoration team have approved the repair work, we then leave you to your fully-restored property.

You’re always able to call our professionals directly if you have a question after your repair has been completed. We’re on-call throughout the day to communicate with clients.

How Does Water Damage Impact Your Health?

Water damage within your Burnaby home requires you to seek emergency flood restoration assistance due to the potential for significant health challenges. Let’s look at how water damage can threaten the health of those within your home:


Mold is a clear danger throughout the home but is usually found in areas where moisture has been allowed to settle. Over time, the mold spores can spread throughout your property, causing a number of breathing issues. The danger of mold is multiplied for those that have asthma and other respiratory ailments.

Dangerous bacteria

We know that water can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Even relatively clean drinking water must be filtered to minimize the number of bacteria. Dangerous bacteria can be present in all forms of water but in cases where there’s water damage, your family is in significant danger.

Bacteria can travel from water in lakes and rivers, which then floods your home, allowing the bacteria to settle. Bacteria can also grow in stagnant water. That’s why it’s so important you call our trusted water damage restoration team in Burnaby when you notice flooding within your home.

How Can You Prevent Water Damage in Your Home?

One of the first questions homeowners ask us when they find out just how dangerous water damage can be is: “How can we prevent the damage in the first place?” In cases where your home is already protected, you might be able to prevent water damage in the coming months. Below are several prevention tips you can use to safeguard your property:

Look for the signs of water damage

When water has already entered the property, you should be able to recognize the signs of a problem. By recognizing these signs, you can mitigate some of the damages water may cause. The following are clear signs of a water damage issue within your Burnaby property:

  • Stains on the walls and ceiling

  • A musty smell in attics and basements

  • Sunken ceilings

  • Higher than normal water bills

If you notice any of these signs within your home, it’s imperative that you call our water damage restoration professionals directly. We can help to assess your property and devise a solution that will protect your home and family for the years to come.

Contact a reputable water damage restoration firm

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when they experience water damage in their home is they wait several weeks or even months before calling in a professional. This delay can have significant consequences for your property and may lead to further structural weakness throughout the home.

Ensure you call a reputable restoration firm at the first sign of home water damage. Look for companies that offer the following:

  • Free consultations

  • Decades of experience in the restoration industry

  • Clear communication regarding the issue and the solution

  • A fast emergency response to your home water damage

Malkin Cleaners can assist you with:

Emergency Water Damage Repair

With cleanup crew’s on-call 24/7/365, Malkin Cleaners can be on-site within minutes and working to minimize the long-term damage done by a water leak or other intrusion.  They’ll work with you to prioritize the things you care about most. Our emergency repair work is an asset that helps Malkin Cleaners stand out. We’re available immediately to respond to your water damage issue and can send specialists with years of hands-on restoration experience to your home.

Fire Damage Cleanup

Malkin can help save properties damaged from fire, smoke, and fire-fighting after effects.  Our cleaning and restoration tools can preserve items other cleaners would write off. We understand the challenges you go through during the cleaning process and can help to first assess the damage and then devise and carry out a full cleanup strategy.

Sewage Cleanup

A major sewer line break doesn’t have to be ruinous to a property. Malkin will preserve as many of your items and fixtures as possible while removing threats from infection and odour. We’ll begin with a full assessment and explain our thoughts to you regarding the cleanup process, so you can make an effective decision.

Black Mold Removal

Black mold is extremely dangerous and can form in the wake of even minor water incidents.  As one of the leading Burnaby water damage restoration companies, Malkin is well-trained in detecting and thoroughly cleansing infected areas. We work with the highest-quality safety equipment and utilize the industry’s best analytical systems to determine the presence of black mold, completing the removal while securing your property.

If You Need Burnaby Flood Restoration, Call One of the Top Companies!

Water damage only gets worse as time goes on.  Call in Malkin Cleaners immediately to minimize the damage!