A Guide to Protecting Your Home after Flooding from Our Richmond Water Damage Restoration Company Team

When a rain event occurs in Richmond, it’s likely that some flooding problems are found in this low-lying community. If your basement or other home areas have been damaged as a result of flooding, it’s important you work with a qualified Richmond water damage restoration company to respond to the issue. In this latest post, our experts offer their flood response tips.

Watch for Mold

Mold can occur at any time after a water intrusion event. It’s the result of moisture being allowed to settle on home materials, and can eventually cause hazardous health conditions within close proximity to spores. After the mold has formed, these spores can become airborne and form deposits in the lungs of those in the home. Black mold should be removed from the home before it becomes a significant health issue.

It’s important that you don’t attempt to remove mold alone without expert help. Our team at Malkin Cleaners has great experience in black mold removal work and we can help you to both identify the spores within your home and to remove the mold without it impacting your health or the property over the long-term.

Stay Away from Electrical Outlets

One of the most dangerous areas of the home after a flood is the electrical system carrying power to areas throughout the home. Turn off the power breakers to the flooded area if possible. If you have water damage in an area where wiring and outlets are located, make sure you stay away from the flooded areas until expert water damage removal professionals arrive. Products such as televisions and computers may carry a live current if their power line has been impacted by moisture and remains plugged into the outlet. Call a water damage restoration company in Richmond immediately if you suspect the water damage has impacted your home’s electrical systems.

Clean Floors and Carpeting

Make sure that the floors and carpeting around the water damaged areas are free from chemicals after the water has damaged your property.  Sometimes chemicals can become mixed in with the flood waters, causing a health issue within your home. You can clean the home’s floors of chemicals by using soapy water across the flooring material. Disinfecting your home in this way now can help to keep the property free of harmful bacteria over the coming days.

Walls, Ceiling and Wood Flooring

If water intrusion has permeated the structure of the building, it is imperative this be dried thoroughly with industrial heaters and de-humidifiers. Materials will have to be removed to access the areas and drywall will need to be replaced.

To discover more about how to protect your home from water damage, call our Richmond restoration company today!