What Can Cause Water Damage to My Roof in Vancouver?


When people think of water damage, they tend to think of it as something that happens to the ground floor of their home, or their basement.  However, water damage can easily happen to your upper floors as well!  If your roof springs a leak or has other issues, it becomes an entry point for water whenever it rains or snows.

As water damage restoration specialists near you in Vancouver, we’ve seen plenty of water damaged roofs and attics.  You can’t always prevent such damage – especially if a severe storm hits – but knowing common weak points can help you keep up on your maintenance.

The Four Most Common Ways Roofs Become Water Damaged

  1. Damaged shingles

This is the obvious answer, but that’s because it’s the most common.  Too many people allow their shingles to become damaged, without having them fixed, and it leads to severe water damage on their upper floors.  We highly recommend inspecting your roof regularly and replacing damaged shingles as soon as you see them.  That’s far cheaper and easier than having to call in Vancouver water damage restoration services.

  1. Roof valleys

A valley is any place on a roof where two downward slopes meet in a V, and they’re common on California-style roofs.  It should be obvious why these are vulnerable to water damage – during a rainstorm, a lot of water can flow through them.  If your roof has valleys, you want to keep a close eye on them.  They’re a common point of failure.

  1. Roof features

Whenever a roof feature penetrates your roof and breaks up the surface, like a chimney or skylight, it creates a potential entry point for water.  Often the seams around the features are weaker than other areas of the roof.  Skylights are very often a source of water intrusion, and one of the first places you should look if you think you have a leak.

  1. Flashing

Flashing is a layer of metal which is used to connect the roof to the house at spots where tiles alone cannot make a proper seal.  The metal can be vulnerable to expanding and contracting from temperature changes, and if it cracks, that makes a big hole for water to enter.

If you are suffering leaks and water damage through your roof, Malkin Cleaners can help!  We’re one of Vancouver’s most trusted water damage restoration experts.  Contact us today for a free quote.