Water Damage Repair in Richmond: the 3 Categories of Damage

water damage repair in Richmond

You might find it hard to believe but not all water damage is the same.  Like in many professions, someone providing water damage repair in Richmond is going to be concerned with how bad a particular incident was and how dangerous it might be to the property owners.  So, the industry utilizes a three-category system to rank the severity of water damage.

This is also useful for you in evaluating your own water damage, enabling you to determine when you should – or should not – attempt cleanup on your own.

The 3 Categories of Water Damage

Category I

Category I is the simplest and most basic of water spills and\or damage, involving clean water in relatively small amounts.  This would be a bathtub overflowing or a washing machine’s intake hose leaking onto the floor.  Any damage done to the home or nearby objects is minimal and there’s no significant danger of contamination if the water is cleaned up quickly.

There’s no need to call for help with Category I spills: just clean them yourself and, if necessary, call a plumber or appliance repair shop to fix the issue.

Category II

Category II involves relatively small amounts of water but includes water that is contaminated.  Overflowing toilets are the most common Category II problem.  However, backed up sewage, even just the product of a single person, is inherently dangerous.

Should you call in water damage repair experts?  This one is on the borderline.  If you have appropriate protective gear including long rubber gloves and high-powered antibacterial cleaning products, you might be able to clean it yourself.  But if you’re uncertain, it’s always better to call in the pros.

Category III

Category III damage is the worst.  This involves water which is toxic and in large quantities, such as a sewage line breaking or a septic tank failing.  It could also be the result of standing water going uncleaned for long enough that it develops mold and bacteria.  The water is usually grey or black, and with a terrible odor.

Do not attempt to clean up Category III spills by yourself!  They are septic and merely touching the water could cause serious harm.  This is the situation where only a trained Richmond water repair expert will be able to safely contain the spill.

If you’re experiencing a water damage emergency in Richmond, don’t wait – contact Malkin Cleaners ASAP!