Three key steps involves in a professional water damage restoration

Water damage remediation service inside wooden floor

An event with water damage that follows floods in a lower house or company of Vancouver, can be extremely difficult to overcome. The industry specialists have advised home and business owners to call a local water damage remediation company when they themselves discover minimum damage to their property. The faster expert firm is required to respond to such an event, the better the company will be better able to minimize the causes of the event. Malkin Cleaners team has responded to several hundred water damage remediation calls from North Vancouver and Burnaby customers over the years. Here they describe the important steps in their professional work process.

1)      Respond with Specialist Help Immediately

Our Company team has on-staff many expert plumbers and drying experts to immediately help clients begin the cleanup work. This fast response ensures that the recovery process is expertly organized from minute one. It means that the company can immediately begin setting up their cutting-edge equipment when they arrive at the customer’s property. And then can quickly analyze the situation to see if any additional water intrusion prevention steps need to be taken to prevent further damage.

2)      Removing Valuables Safely

The safe removal of the customer’s property such as furniture and other high-value items is an essential element to a professional cleaning process. Depending on the severity of the damage, carpeting and other flooring might have to be removed to ensure the drying process is successful. Professionals such as Malkin Cleaners’ team can help remove property quickly, safely and with a successful water damage remediation project foremost in mind.

3)      Water Extraction and Setting Up of Drying Equipment

The final and most important step in the process is setting up and running drying equipment. Expert water damage specialists will offer a broad range of drying solutions for specific applications. For flooding events in which water has set in to the flooring in basements, structural drying of property could take several days to complete. Expert cleaners will be able to help property owners decide on a drying solution that can ensure their property is in clean condition within a consolidated timeframe.

To learn more about the steps involved in a professional water damage remediation project, contact the experts at Malkin Cleaners today at 604-970-9052. Qualified water damage experts are standing-by 24/7 to answer questions.