4 Mistakes Vancouver Homeowners Make When Responding to a Flooded Basement

With the late spring weather causing significant rainfall across Vancouver, many local homeowners may wake up to a flooded basement. There are many challenges to take on when this type of home water intrusion incident occurs and some homeowners don’t take the time to research the problem before they act. Within this article, the team at Malkin Cleaners will explain four of the most common mistakes homeowners make when responding to a flooded basement.

  1. They Wait Too Long

Waiting too long to address a flooded basement is one of the most common problems that Vancouver property owners face. In the time they’ve waited to fix their flooded basement, mold might have begun developing in the area, potentially having significant health consequences for those living in the home. Homeowners must immediately alert a water intrusion specialist when they discover their basement has been flooded. This ensures the problem is resolved before mold occurs and before structural damage can take place.

stair of a House fully flooded during the flooding of the river

  1. They Move Electrical Equipment

Most know that water can conduct electricity. This means that any electrical equipment in a flooded basement , whether it’s a television or a computer, has the potential to carry a live current. Touching this electrical equipment can lead to the current using the person to reach the ground, potentially causing an electric shock. It is imperative homeowners don’t try and move any electrical equipment after a flood event. Wait for a professional to arrive before touching any potentially hazardous items within the basement space.

  1. They Choose a DIY Solution

DIY is great for that day when you have some time to build your own shelving. But in responding to a potential flood event in your basement, there are some actions homeowners simply cannot take on safely without expert help. They might be able to research and choose the best methods to complete the removal process themselves. But there’s always the chance that their solution could fail, and this would leave the home unsafe and the cleanup work back at square one, despite any time and costs to that point. Working with a professional helps save time and considerable amounts of money.

  1. They Don’t Research the Flood Recovery Company

Choosing a water removal specialist can be a challenging process. Homeowners have to research the marketplace carefully and select a company with IICRC-trained employees. To ensure success in this process, speak with the company about their years of experience in the marketplace and ask for references from previous customers. This can help prevent further delays in the cleanup process.

Acting quickly and working with trusted specialists can help prevent Vancouver homeowners from making mistakes when fixing their flooded basement. To learn more on the recovery process, speak with the team at Malkin Cleaners directly via (604) 970-9052 or visit their business website today at