A Guide to Preventing Roof Leaks in the North Vancouver Home with our Basement Water Damage Restoration Company Team

Roof leaks are a significant issue in the modern home. They can cause damage all the way to the basement space and limit the structural integrity of the property. Our basement water damage restoration team at Malkin Cleaners works across North Vancouver to resolve roof leaks and within this latest post, we’ll present some of our tips.

Have roof flashing inspected

The roof flashing is the most important structural element in preventing roof leaks. The flashing is designed to redirect the water around the openings and mitigate water intrusion. Any gaps within the flashing can allow water to settle across the roof and may mean that roof leaks are more likely. Ensure the roof flashing is professionally inspected and have any issues fixed within a consolidated timeframe.

Inspect the drip edge

The drip edge is the metal area responsible for directing water away from the fascia. If you don’t have this area inspected and repaired, the element can become vulnerable to wood rot, insect infestation, and roof leaks. Have the area inspected and ensure that any holes within the space are repaired expertly.

Analyze the attic space

The attic space is also a leading consideration when preventing damage to the roof. As a leading basement water damage restoration company, we often begin our work in the attic of North Vancouver homes and review the space to determine the source of a leak. Clogs in intake valves, water spots on the ceiling or walls and musty smells are all key signs of water leaks.

Maintain guttering

The guttering around the home must be maintained professionally. Any damage to the guttering may allow water to be directed toward the roof and allow water to settle in areas around the home. This could cause structural damage over time and lead to leaks. Commit to professional maintenance of your home guttering and ensure repair work is completed well before upcoming storms.

Call Malkin Cleaners

Our experienced basement water damage restoration company in North Vancouver is here to answer your questions regarding roof leaks and to fix all home damage. To learn more about our services, please call our team today to book a consultation.