A Guide to Preventing Water Damage in Burnaby with Our Emergency Experts

preventing water damage in burnaby

We know that water damage can have a long-standing impact on your home, potentially causing thousands of dollars worth of damage throughout the property. Only by working with a trusted water damage specialist can you mitigate this damage and prevent long-standing structural problems. In this post, we’ll explore our tips for preventing water damage problems and handling a water-damage emergency that’s already occurred in your Burnaby home.

Store essential items in high places

You can prepare for a flood by reconsidering your storage plan periodically to ensure you’re prepared when flooding or another water damage emergency occurs.  For example, you might store items such as important documents in higher elevations within so they’re out of reach and not impacted by groundwater.

Store emergency items carefully

Another important consideration is emergency items such as water and non-perishable foods. Ensure you have a few day’s worth of emergency food and water in your home. These items should be stored away from the main property if possible, in a garage or shed.

Commit to maintaining your plumbing maintenance

One of the main causes of emergency water damage events in Burnaby is plumbing problems. For example, a leak within the main water line can cause damage throughout your basement space. That’s why it’s important that you have your plumbing systems maintained effectively. Always make sure that a water damage expert is called to your home immediately upon noticing water damage on walls or flooring.

After the water damage occurs

Sometimes, there may be pre-existing issues that can cause water damage on your property. You may find that your home begins to experience dampness or other issues during the thaw of the spring months. Take the following actions to secure your property:

  • Move pets and children away from the space
  • In areas of water damage, do not touch electrical units or items plugged into outlets
  • Turn off the main water valve in the home
  • If you can do so safely, put on rubber gloves and move furniture and clothing away from waterlogged spaces
  • Call your local Burnaby emergency water damage professionals to assess the damage

During the winter and spring freeze-thaw cycles, many homeowners find their homes are damaged by water. Call our team now if you experience water damage issues in your property. We can respond in minutes and provide a comprehensive damage assessment to help begin the restoration work.