A Guide to the Categories of Water Damage When Working with Coquitlam Restoration Experts

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When you experience water damage in your home, one of the first things you’ll likely do is call your local Coquitlam water damage restoration experts. When they arrive, they’ll assess the situation and discuss with you the category of water damage you’ve suffered. However, how water damage is classified is often a point of confusion for many homeowners, which is why the team at Malkin Cleaners is here to shed some light on the subject.

Let’s review the categories of water damage that can occur in your home.

Category 1 events

Category 1 events are generally related to the overflow of water from an appliance or fixture. For example, you might arrive home to find that your home bath has filled with water and that the water has overflowed to cover the bathroom floor and connecting areas. Generally, during this type of overflow event, the water is colourless and does not have any odour. This type of event is not considered hazardous to your health since the water does not contain any pathogens.

Category 2 events

Category 2 events refer to water that has overflow from a toilet. This can occur when the flushing mechanism is broken or the toilet is clogged. The water from the toilet could be grey in colour and may have an odour. The challenge with this type of overflow event is that there could be bacteria in the water that contains harmful microorganisms. This means you should work with a team of Coquitlam water damage restoration experts near you to remove the water and repair the damage as quickly as possible.

Category 3 events

Category 3 events are considered the most dangerous of all water damage-related events. They should be a serious concern to all homeowners. The water released during these events is usually black in colour and has a strong odour. Category 3 events may cause the release of potentially deadly parasites and bacteria that can move within the home if the water is not removed. The lives of your loved ones are at-risk during these events.

Our team at Malkin Cleaners specializes in responding to each category of water damage. As one of the leading water damage restoration experts working near you in Coquitlam, we have helped thousands of homeowners protect their families. If you experience a water damage event, it’s critical that you call our team immediately. Call us today to begin the process.