A Guide to the Causes of Water Damage in Surrey Homes

causes of water damage

When you experience water damage in your Surrey home, you could face significant work and time to restore your property. By understanding more about the causes of water damage, you can protect your family and ensure your home remains safe. In this post, we take a look at the common causes of lasting water damage in homes throughout Surrey.

  • Plumbing and appliances

Clothes washing machines are the foremost cause of water damage in homes throughout Surrey. The most common reason behind the issue is the use of old hoses that burst when water pressure goes above a certain level. Another common appliance causing water damage in homes is the water heater. The fittings and the valves in the water heater can leak, causing significant damage before the homeowner realizes, and has the chance to react. In some cases, 10 or more gallons of water can be released through the heater in just seconds.

  • Condensation

Condensation and humidity can cause mold throughout a home. This occurs when fans aren’t working properly within the bathroom and kitchen spaces, and the air is not being circulated. All home exhaust systems should be in optimal working condition in order to remove the moisture from the air within the property. Vents should be free from obstructions and signs of mold should be identified before the mold can cause lasting damage. Make sure any damp patches in the bathroom or kitchen are examined by a local Surrey water damage repair company.

  • Building leaks

Leaks can occur throughout a home, requiring attentiveness from homeowners. If you notice any stains on your walls or damage to stucco, the cause is often water entering the home. Leaks can also result from damage to the exterior of the home and the guttering. It’s important to take care of your exterior areas and ensure any issue is immediately reviewed by a specialist with experience in water damage removal.

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