A Guide to Water Damage from Our Vancouver Restoration Experts

Water damage guideWhen you experience water damage in your home, you must act immediately to call a professional and begin the repair and restoration process. Our Vancouver water damage restoration experts have many years of experience in handling challenging restoration projects, and today we’re exploring some interesting facts regarding how water damage impacts the home.

Water removal is only the first step

Oftentimes, homeowners believe that when the water is removed from their home, their property is safe. But this simply isn’t true. There could be moisture and mold in the underlying structure of the property, and these issues can cause significant structural problems. Mold is also harmful to human health. If you allow it to remain in the home over a period of time, you may find that your family begins to experience asthma-like symptoms and other breathing challenges. Ensure a full restoration is completed on your property to safeguard your household for the years to come.

Water usually enters through the roof

The attics are the most common cause of concern for Vancouver water damage restoration experts. Because the area experiences so much rain during the spring and fall seasons, in particular, the moisture enters through gaps in the roof tiles and can flood the home. That’s why it’s so important to have your attic and roof inspected immediately, even when you only experience a small leak in your roof.

There are three types of water intrusion

When you experience a flooding event in your home, you should know that there are three distinct types of water. There’s rainwater, which is primarily rain and other naturally occurring moisture that has entered the home. There’s freshwater, which is water from a natural river or lake around your home, and then there’s sewage water: water combined with sewage from a nearby pipe leak. While each of these types of water can damage the structure of the home, sewage water is dangerous to your health and should be removed only by experts using professional safety equipment.

Our experienced Vancouver water damage restoration experts at Malkin Cleaners can help address your questions and ensure your home is secure against water damage for the years to come. To book a consultation with our team, please call us today.