The Basics of Water Damage Restoration

At Malkin Cleaners, we take water damage very seriously and can assure you that our experienced technicians will restore your home to its former state. However, being informed on the basics of water damage restoration can help you understand the process more and reduce the amount of stress you feel. In this article we outline some of the basics of this process based on our years of experience.

Water damage restoration involves more than just cleaning up the mess that a flood has caused in your home; it involves the drying and repairing of any structures and areas of your home that have been affected by high levels of moisture. This includes plaster, wood and metal, and failing to manage this moisture can lead to property damages that can put you out quite a bit of money. These damages can lead to weakened support structures and ultimately bring down your home.

Classification of water damage

Water damage is broken up into different classes and categories, each based on how much damage is done and the nature of the liquid that has caused the water damage. Our professionals at Malkin Cleaners use these categories to assess the severity of the water damage and determine the best methods to reduce this damage and restore your home. For example, water damage that stems from sewage is considered Category 3 due to its extremely unsanitary nature and potential for bacterial growth. This kind of water damage is dangerous and requires immediate assistance, so avoid any contact with Category 3 damage and call our 24/7 flood restoration service right away.

Hiring the right person

Water damage restoration can be quite a technical process and involves equipment such as infrared probes, air scrubbers, blow dryers and specially designed dryers for inner wall cavities. As mentioned above, this is a lot more complicated than simple water removal, so make sure you hire someone that has the required certifications. All of our technicians at Malkin Cleaners are Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified and properly equipped with the most suitable equipment for any kind of flood restoration job.

The unpredictable nature of flooding means that many different kinds of home damages can occur as a result. If you’re home has endured water damage, our experts at Malkin Cleaners are happy to give you some informed advice and suggest the best next steps. The last thing you want is irreparable damage to your home due to a flooding that was out of your control.