The Benefits of Hiring a Flood Restoration Company

Even if you can manage to remove all of the water from your home on your own after a flood, there are numerous hazards that can present themselves after the initial flooding. Although it’s tempting to skimp on hiring a professional to fix something that may not be visibly obvious to you, in the future this neglect will cause you plenty of problems. At Malkin Cleaners, our Vancouver flood restoration services are designed to ensure that your home recovers from flooding as best as possible. Below is a list of some of the benefits of enlisting our services.

Preventing mold and mildew growth

After flooding, your home is at risk for mold and mildew growth, which can damage your home and decrease its market value. Our Vancouver flood restoration technicians use industrial-grade disinfectants and cleaners to remove any unwanted growth that could damage your home and put the health of you and your family at risk. Although mold and mildew can be fairly harmless, if left alone they can progress into more serious forms and pose significant health risks. Furthermore, our technicians can also remove any mold and potentially harmful growth that was already present before flooding as a part of our service package.

Faster cleanup

Hiring a flood restoration company will not only get the job done more effectively, but also in a much quicker timeframe. Our multiple contractors work together to accomplish many different aspects of water damage cleanup all at once, ensuring that the damage is removed as soon as possible. The longer that water damage problems exist, the more damage they will do to your home, making fast, efficient cleanup a big priority.

Working with your insurance company

Malkin Cleaners will work with your insurance company each step of the way through the water damage repair process, ensuring that the expenses from the flood are as minimal as possible. Don’t attempt to clean up water damage on your own without knowing the details of your insurance plan, as you will likely end up paying more money than you need to.

Increased safety

Flood water can contain a variety of contaminants that range from foods to sewage, posing significant health hazards to those working with it. For example, sewage water is classified as Category 3 water damage and is considered dangerous due to its high potential for bacterial growth. Without the proper knowledge and tools, dealing with this kind of water damage can be dangerous.

Water damage restoration is a deceptively simple process, when in reality it requires a good deal of knowledge in various trades. Hiring a company to conduct your water damage repair is the safest and most effective way to ensure that all of the damage to your home is completely restored and the costs for doing so are as low as possible. For Vancouver flood restoration services in Burnaby, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Greater Vancouver and all areas of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, our experts at Malkin Cleaners guarantee you the best cleanup and repair process possible.