Discover The Steps for Black Mold Removal from Our Surrey team of Company Experts

Surrey Black Mold Removal Company

Black mold can have a devastating impact on your home of workplace and may cause lasting damage to the property. And so, it’s important that you work with removal experts to resolve the issue. To help guide you on the steps for effective black mold removal, our company experts in Surrey are explaining the removal process in this latest post.

  1. Assemble the gear

Make sure that all members of the removal team have OSHA-certified face masks, gloves, overalls and respirators.

  1. Identify the source of moisture intrusion

Take a look at the sources for mold intrusion in the home. Look for areas in which moisture has entered the property.

  1. Seal entryways

Seal the entryways to the affected area, and make sure that rooms are sealed with duct tape and plastic sheets. This can reduce airborne contaminants and reduce the spread of mold.

  1. Place exhaust fans near windows

Make sure the area is ventilated and use exhaust fans near windows to pull contaminated air outside.

  1. Spray moldy areas with water

Identify moldy areas within the target space in the home and spray them with water to seal in the microscopic particles as you work.

  1. Use bleach to clean visible mold

Make sure that visible mold is cleaned with a solution containing bleach and water.

  1. After removing mold, disinfect surfaces

Even after the mold has been removed, the contaminants can still cause damage. Make sure that after the mold is removed you disinfect the surfaces.

  1. Treat all surfaces in the area with disinfectant

In addition to the areas directly impacted by the mold, make sure you disinfect all surfaces around the home to prevent contamination.

  1. Seal protective equipment in bag

Once the cleanup work is completed, seal the contaminated protective equipment in a sealed bag such as a garbage bag. Make sure the bag is immediately removed from the premises.

  1. Use dehumidification equipment to dry the space

You can speed up the drying process by using dehumidification equipment on the cleaned area of your home.

While these steps can help you in the event of a black mold removal issue, it’s recommended that you call a local Surrey black mold removal company to complete the work. If you have been affected by flooding or water damage and black mold, call our removal company experts in Surrey today. We can take on all removal steps expertly.