Electrical Systems Protection Tips from Our Emergency Water Damage Restoration Team in North Vancouver

Emergency Water Damage Restoration Team in North Vancouver

Electrical systems throughout your home must be protected to ensure optimal performance for the coming years. Working with an experienced North Vancouver emergency water damage restoration company can help ensure you have all the guidance you require to safeguard your home. Our team at Malkin Cleaners has vast industry experience and in this latest post, we’ll explain how to protect your electrical units against water damage.

Don’t use electrical systems in the aftermath of water damage

If you have water pooling in your home, within a basement space, for example, it’s essential you don’t use any electrical systems until the damage has been resolved. One of the main mistakes many homeowners make is trying to turn the power back on after a leak, flood event or other emergencies. Not only can this cause damage to the electrical equipment, but it can also place you and your family at risk of electrocution.

Shut off the utilities

The first step to take to protect your electrical unit is to shut off your utilities until you can speak with an emergency water damage restoration professional. This way you can mitigate potential problems that might arise from having live electricity in your home. The restoration team will then visit your property and review the current level of damage. They can then work with authorized electricians to resolve any existing issues safely and effectively.

Replace damaged wiring

Some homeowners believe they can simply repair damaged wiring in the home, but doing so isn’t recommended. That’s because there could be faulty wires as a result of the water damage, placing you at risk of shock or fire hazards. A reliable water damage restoration specialist can help you identify potential repairs and identify structural damage that requires replacement.

Your North Vancouver emergency water damage restoration team!

The trusted team at Malkin Cleaners has decades of experience in the North Vancouver emergency water damage restoration industry. To learn more about emergency water damage restoration work and the full range of options available to you, please call our trusted team today.