Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Surrey – Is Your Basement Flooded? Here’s How to Pump It Out!

If your basement is flooding, you’re going to want to start trying to pump it out ASAP.  It’s always going to be best to call in an emergency water damage restoration company in Surrey to help, but sometimes you aren’t going to want to wait to start pumping the water away,  If you have the equipment – like a sump pump – pumping your own basement is possible, so here are a few tips

How to Pump Out A Flooded Basement

  1. Do you know the source of the water?

Think twice about wading into floodwater, even if it’s inside your own house.  That water could be leaking in from the outside, full of contaminants, or potentially even be coming from sewage lines.  Merely touching contaminated water could make you seriously ill!  If you can’t visibly see the source of the water, letting you know it’s safe, you really should just call a water damage restoration service in Surrey to handle the matter.

  1. Stop the leak

Assuming the water is coming from inside your house, you’ll want to stop the leak – either by shutting off the valves to your basement, or just shutting off your water main.  Otherwise, unless it’s a very slow leak, there is no point trying to pump when more water is flowing in.

  1. Find the lowest spot in the basement

Your sump pump will work best when it’s at the lowest point in the basement.  Use a yardstick, or even just a long stick, to find the optimal location.  You can start pumping at other points, but the deepest water will always give you the best and quickest results.

  1. Use a larger hose

Typical home sump pumps use standard garden hoses, which are fine for small amounts of water but will be a real bottleneck if you’re facing a flood.  We recommend using a hose that’s at least 1″ in diameter, to increase the amount of water per second you can get out of your home.

  1. Send the hose downhill, if possible

If you have a choice in how you route the hose out of your basement, send it downhill.  This will make gravity work to your advantage, and help pull out more water, faster. Be aware of where the water flows and ensure neighboring properties will not be affected.

Hire Professional Emergency Water Damage Restoration Company in Surrey

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