Experts at West Vancouver-based Malkin Cleaners Respond to Clients’ Flood Restoration Questions

By understanding their role within the cleanup process, business owners can reduce the damage that flood events have on their property. But in order to build their knowledge of the process, they must first speak with experienced specialists within the local Vancouver flood restoration field. The team here at Malkin Cleaners has guided many successful flood restoration projects across North Vancouver, West Vancouver and the greater Vancouver area in recent years. And within this post, they answer three common questions on the subject of flood restoration.

3 common questions on the subject of flood restoration.

1. What are the Most Important Signs of a Water Intrusion Issue?

Before analyzing the damage and contacting a flood restoration specialist, it’s important that you first recognize the signs of water intrusion. One of the clearest signs of water intrusion is staining. You will notice the material around bathroom and kitchen areas becomes darker as water seeps into the areas underneath the flooring. The discolouration of carpeting is a sign that a flood restoration specialist should be contacted immediately to prevent any further damage. Crumbling drywall is another leading sign of a water intrusion issue. For optimal building safety, professional restoration services should be contacted the moment you notice any one of these signs.

2. How Can My Organization Help Improve Restoration Results?

After a water intrusion event within your business, it’s important that you act quickly to contact a local Vancouver flood restoration company. The company can then visit your property and analyze the impact the water intrusion has had on the building. They can then determine what actions to take and utilize the latest equipment to improve their restoration results.  By acting quickly and selecting an IICRC-qualified company for the work, business owners can help significantly improve the results of the restoration work.

3. What Equipment Does Your Organization Utilize within Flood Restoration Projects?

To ensure comprehensive drying is completed within a flood restoration project, companies must utilize a range of cutting-edge cleaning equipment. Thermal imaging equipment is essential during the leak detection process. In analyzing the level of water intrusion, specialists will use a moisture meter which can measure the percentage of moisture within most workplace materials. Moisture meters can also help in determining how much drying work is left to be completed before workers begin their final analysis. Technicians may use pressure washers on projects where there has been significant water contamination from sewer lines. This washing equipment is designed to remove stains and odours and ensure areas are cleaned effectively before the business re-opens their property. Technicians will also use on-site safety equipment such as goggles, rubber gloves and respirators to ensure they’re protected throughout their work.

The specialists here at Malkin Cleaners are always available to answer questions and provide a quote on flood restoration work. To learn more, please contact our offices directly at 604-970-9052.