During the flood damage cleanup work in Vancouver, experts will assess three target areas.

flood damage cleanup work in vancouver

For small businesses, the damage caused by water intrusion can cause great damage to their ongoing operations. Companies may find that their offices or stores have been closed for a long time. They may even have to move to a new location. In order to prevent such challenges from occurring, rapid action must be taken to ensure high-quality flood disaster cleanup services. Malkin Cleaners is one of the leading companies serving customers in North Vancouver, Burnaby and the entire Lower Mainland. Here, their company outlines three target areas that experts will evaluate to ensure the successful completion of the cleanup.

1)      Is Water Still Entering the Premises?

The first question that flood damage cleanup crews will ask clients when they enter is “Is water still entering the building?” In the event that water intrusion is continuing, the cleaning firm will be charged with finding the source of the building leak. Most often, the problem is related to faulty plumbing, and so many of the leading Vancouver companies have access to expert plumbing resources in order to quickly resolve problems on an emergency basis.

2)      How Much Water Extraction is required?

The second element the flood damage assessment process is to examine how much water extraction work is necessary. Depending on how long ago the water intrusion started, the water extraction work could be the most challenging element within the cleanup process. The objective of the organization will be to target the removal of all sitting water while minimizing further damage to the client’s property.

3)      Are they Any Lingering Health Concerns?

Anytime that a water intrusion event occurs, those in charge of the cleanup must ensure that the drying work is expertly completed. That’s because sitting water can lead to mold growth on moist surfaces. This mold can cause numerous health issues ranging from allergic reactions to breathing issues over time. Most local cleanup firms employ experts with years of experience resolving potential mold problems within their flood damage assessment work.

By reviewing these three areas of the cleanup process, specialist companies can ensure that local Vancouver businesses return to peak operational capacity within a consolidated timeframe. To learn more about the flood damage cleanup process, contact the team at Malkin Cleaners directly via 604-970-9052.