Flood Restoration Experts at Malkin Cleaners Outline Three Main Causes of In-Home Flooding

A water intrusion within a residential property can be exceptionally difficult to resolve without professional help. Homeowners must be acutely aware of the potential causes of flooding within their property, so they can work to prevent these issues from damaging the structural integrity of their home.  Malkin Cleaners has great experience in flood restoration work. In the company’s years of work across Vancouver and the lower mainland, we’ve identified some of the main causes behind most residential flooding. In this article, we’ll outline the three major flooding issues that homeowners should guard against, with the hope of preventing extensive property damage.

1) Broken Pipes

Broken or ill-fitted pipes can often burst, causing leaks underneath the home and within drywall areas. While these leaks might be small at first, they can grow exceptionally fast as water pressure builds up and pushes more moisture outside the piping. Homeowners might be able to identify a piping issue through their water meter. A large increase in water consumption over a short period of time is usually a sign that a pipe is broken within the home. Another indication of an issue is standing water pooling up on dry days. It’s important that homeowners act quickly if they suspect a leak by contacting a professional and ensuring expert analysis is available.

2) Blocked Guttering

When the manifold connecting the home to the public sewer system becomes blocked, flooding can occur on the property. It’s important for homeowners to remove fallen leaves and other debris from their gutters on a regular basis to avoid this problem. By simply checking their guttering when mowing their lawn or gardening, homeowners can proactively identify a problem before it blocks the flow of water within their problem. For the more stubborn guttering issues, a professional flood restoration expert might be required to ensure water flow is unimpeded.

3) Poor Sealing Construction

A leading cause of flooding issues within Vancouver properties is improperly sealed walls and flooring systems. If basement tiles are not sealed properly during the construction of a home, water can easily seep into the basement area. Homeowners will notice a sealing issue particularly during inclement weather. The most common time for sealing issues to be noticed is during a storm or blizzard. It will quickly become apparent as the water seeps between the flooring tiles or through the wall that a problem exists.

Only by working with trusted flood restoration professionals can Vancouver and lower mainland homeowners ensure their property is protected. But those who act quickly and notice the signs of a problem before it develops can save themselves a lot of money on repairs in future. To learn more on the signs of flooding issues, give us a call today at 604-970-9052.