Wet Basement Repair Experts Malkin Cleaners Highlight Three Property Maintenance Habits of the Proactive Vancouver Homeowner

A non resolved wet basement repair issue can have a significant impact on the Vancouver and lower mainland home and those living inside. But property owners are often focused on their day-to-day activities rather than responding immediately to the repair work required. This can lead to dangerous conditions inside the home. In this article, the specialists at Malkin Cleaners provide their guidance with three property maintenance habits of the proactive homeowner.

3 Property Maintenance Habits of homeowner

1. They React Quickly to Signs of Water in the Home

When water begins to enter a home, through the walls or the floors, homeowners only have a brief time to respond before the problem becomes exceptionally costly. Those that wait could end up spending thousands of dollars on professional wet basement repair work on their Vancouver home. It’s imperative homeowners quickly recognize the sign of a water basement repair problem. This could be a musty odour within their home or water spots on the walls and floor. These are clear signs that further investigation is required and when these signs are found in the home, a specialist must be contacted promptly.

2.They Research the Local Marketplace for Repair Services

Rather than simply contacting the first company they find in the Yellow Pages or via a quick Google search, proactive homeowners research the marketplace. They analyze which companies in their local region use IICRC(Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified professionals and which companies have many years of experience within the local Vancouver wet basement repair marketplace. Proactive homeowners also communicate with their repair specialists directly before the work begins. They ask for a quote for the work to ensure it fits within their budget and they ask for a written guarantee for the work that will take place on their property. This helps ensure that the repair is completed swiftly and according to the market’s highest standards.

3. They Review their Property Carefully After the Repair

Even after the repair has been completed within their home, the homeowner’s role in the process is not complete. They must work directly with their repair specialist to analyze the company’s work and determine whether any issues remain. Proactive homeowners will ask for a full review of the company’s work and then will remain vigilant in the months after the work has been completed to watch for any signs of further water intrusion. This way they can ensure they achieve full value for money for their repair and continue to protect their families against potential home water leak problems.

Through a proactive approach to home analysis and repair work, property owners can protect their families over the long-term. To learn more, speak with the team at Malkin Cleaners directly at (604) 970-9052 or visit their business website at