How Does Ceiling Water Damage Affect Surrey Homes?

Ceiling water damage is one of the most common forms of damage to homes across Surrey. It’s critical you know how to protect your ceiling and your home from water damage. Our team at Malkin Cleaners offers water damage restoration services across Surrey and the surrounding areas, and today we’re exploring how ceiling water damage affects local homes.

The damage caused by water on the ceiling

When you have water damage on your ceiling, you’ll likely see that the ceiling looks stained and begins to sag over time. This is due to the excess water above and can create dangerous living conditions. Once the ceiling begins to sag, the water damage is already at an advanced stage. Mold is another potential issue you face when you don’t respond to ceiling water damage effectively. Mold can grow in environments where moisture is allowed to sit unabated. Over time, this mold can begin to affect the health of those throughout the home.

Ceiling cracks can also occur when the weight of the water on the ceiling is too heavy for the structure to bear. This structural problem could mean that the ceiling is close to falling and you may face a significant hazard in the household. Among the more minor issues caused by ceiling damage is the discolouration of the paintwork. This discolouration can be quickly resolved by your restoration company, but it’s important to contact the company at this early stage to mitigate future property issues.

Take a proactive stance on ceiling water damage

When you find that your home is experiencing significant water damage, ensure you call a professional at the earliest opportunity. Each of these signs should be followed-up with a call to your local Surrey water damage expert:

  • Sagging ceilings
  • Water marks on the ceiling
  • Cracks in the ceiling structure
  • Musty smells in attic spaces

Call our team at Malkin Cleaners to respond to water damage

When you call our experts at Malkin Cleaners, we can respond immediately and visit your home to review the area. We’ll conduct a complete inspection before determining the best course of action. Each of our team members has decades of experience in the restoration industry and can quickly identify and resolve household water damage issues. To learn more about our full range of repair services, call us today for a consultation.