How Malkin Cleaners Continues to Succeed as Burnaby Emergency Water Damage Restoration Experts

burnaby emergency water damage

BC-based Malkin Cleaners is proud to continue supporting clients of every shape and size in need of water damage restoration solutions. For several decades, the company has provided affordable and effective emergency water damage restoration work, their customer commitment being part of their continued success.

In recent years, they’ve received some very glowing reviews from their Burnaby clients, which they’d like to share with you. One recent comment highlighted the work of Malkin Cleaners and their commitment to steadfast communication and to providing an outstanding return on investment:

“The quality of workmanship, professionalism, timeliness and empathetic behavior of all the staff at Malkin Cleaners involved in this project was exemplary. I have never had so little to worry about in a situation where there was so much to be concerned over. Every step was made simple. I would highly recommend Malkin Cleaners as a go-to company for these services.  I kept waiting for the ball to drop and it never did.”

The company prides itself on the ability to explain their work to homeowners, providing insight into what the restoration process entails. From the moment the company enters the property to the moment their work has been completed, the company communicates with the homeowner about the process and the steps ahead. The team at Malkin Cleaners also makes themselves available to past clients to ensure they always have access to their invaluable insight.

Malkin Cleaners also works with insurance companies on behalf of their clients to ensure all documentation needs are met with precision and professionalism. Malkin Cleaners works to help ensure homeowners receive the maximum payout under their policy, in addition to protecting your assets throughout the duration of the emergency water damage restoration process.

To discover more about Malkin Cleaners and the company’s full range of services, call their Burnaby offices today at 604-229-6917 or visit their business website at