If You Have Water Damage in Surrey, It Needs to Be Cleaned Up Quickly


Sometimes water damage emergencies in Surrey can happen at the worst possible times.  Maybe the timing is awful, or maybe having repairs done don’t really fit into your budget.  There are a lot of reasons a person might be tempted to put off having Surrey water damage restoration experts come in and clean up their home. Even wondering at first if the insurance will cover it.

However, this is a very bad idea.  Water damage doesn’t go away on its own; it just gets worse and worse.  In fact, it can even create hazardous conditions within your home which could potentially harm yourself, your family, or your pets.  Even if it’s inconvenient, you really need to have the damage repaired ASAP – otherwise, it will be far more costly to clean up later. Always be sure to contact the water damage specialists near you as soon as you can.

Four Problems You’ll Face If You Ignore Water Damage

  1. Weakened internal structures

If you allow water to remain standing in your home, it will eventually be absorbed by your floors, walls, support beams, and other internal features – to their detriment.  These features are not intended to soak up water, and they will be greatly weakened in the process.  You could easily be looking at having to replace flooring, or even knock down walls if the damage goes too far.

  1. Electrical issues

Is there even a small chance the water could make its way to live wires, electrical sockets, or other power-bearing features?  If so, you could be looking at a fire hazard or worse.  We’ve even seen situations where a flooded basement has become electrified, and hazardous to touch.

  1. Mold and mildew

Easily the most pernicious problem which can result from water damage is the growth of mold and mildew, particularly dangerous black mold.  A home can be condemned if it hosts block mold growth because this mold is outright toxic to humans and animals.   At the least, cleanup and restoration costs will skyrocket if mold takes hold.

  1. Other pests

Stagnant water is a breeding ground for insects, including highly harmful pests such as mosquitos.  The longer the water stays in one place, the more polluted it will become, and the more likely it will become a breeding ground for unwanted visitors.

Surrey Trusts Malkin Cleaners

For nearly a century, Malkin Cleaners have been the go-to experts for water damage cleanup in Surrey, along with fire and mold damage.  If you’ve had a flooding emergency, don’t wait!  Call us ASAP to arrange for cleanup.