Keep Mold Out of Your Surrey Home with These Tips!

Water damage within your home can cause a lot of problems by itself, but it invites an even bigger problem: mold.  A mold outbreak within a home can cause serious damage to everything within, and potentially also create genuine health hazards for your family – particularly if it’s the toxic black mold.

Now, an experienced water damage repair company near Surrey can help you with cleanup, including mold removal… but this is definitely a case where prevention is the best medicine!  With decades of experience in dealing with mold, our team at Malkin Cleaners knows a lot about keeping it at bay.

Six Ways to Reduce Mold Growth Within Your Home

Mold, of course, wants to grow in a place that’s damp, dark, and warm.  Therefore, you can keep it from spreading in your home by denying it those conditions.  In particular…

  1. Increase airflow

Mold travels via microscopic spores that float around and settle in places with little to no airflow.  Anything you do to increase the amount of air moving around your home will prevent mold spores from settling.  Open windows, when it’s appropriate, and always run exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom.

  1. Reduce condensation

It may not be possible to 100% eliminate all condensation in a house but having good insulation will do a lot to prevent it!  Double-paned windows are also a good idea since single-paned windows tend to create a lot of condensation.

  1. Dehumidify your home

High humidity in a home automatically makes it attractive to mold.  We strongly suggest running de-humidifiers (or adding one to your AC system) to keep your local atmosphere nice and dry.

  1. Fix any plumbing leaks quickly

Few things can create a home for mold faster than a leaky pipe.  Always take care of any pipe leaks as soon as you see them.  Also, watch out for standing water or damp spots where they shouldn’t be, such as near the baseboards.  That’s a red flag that there’s a leak within the walls.

  1. Regularly clean your carpets

Carpets aren’t necessarily a hospitable environment for mold to grow, but they’re excellent at trapping spores which might migrate to a new home later.  Regular steam-cleanings will eliminate all contaminants within your carpet, mold spores included.

  1. Seek immediate assistance if you experience flooding

Any sort of flooding, whether it’s from a broken pipe or a storm or any other source, will immediately create conditions which are favorable to mold growth.  You need an experienced Surrey water damage repair service which can dry out your home fast before mold has a chance to set in.

If you’ve experienced water damage in Surrey, don’t wait!  Contact our team at Malkin Cleaners today for emergency solutions.