Learn About Cleaning a Backed-Up Sewer from Our Emergency Water Damage Restoration Company in North Vancouver

When you’re faced with a backed-up sewer system in your property, you might believe you can simply tackle the problem by removing the water. But there are other safety factors to consider during cleanup. In this latest post, the team at our North Vancouver emergency water damage restoration company explains the safety considerations when cleaning a sewer back up.

Call the cleaning company

The first step you should take when you encounter a backed-up sewer is to call the local cleaning company to deal with the problem. They can provide you with the first steps to take.

Remove yourself and others from the area

Make sure you remain away from the area of the sewage while you await professional assistance. This also includes making sure that others are kept away from the space, and so remove all pets and young children from the property for the time being.

Dealing with blackwater

Blackwater is the mixture of sewer water and waste that can emerge after a sewage back up. This waste material is often highly contaminated and should be removed from the home at the earliest opportunity. Make sure that your North Vancouver emergency water damage restoration company has a plan to deal with blackwater and the remnants of its effects around the home.

Viruses can leach into the water

Remember that sewage may contain deadly viruses. There are more than a hundred different viruses that can be found in human waste, and these virus spores can settle in and around the home after a sewer back up. Only the professionals can handle the spill and decontaminate the area effectively, so it can be safely used by your loved ones in the future.

Malkin Cleaners Can Help You

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