What to Look for when Hiring a Black Mold Removal Company in Vancouver

Hiring a black mold removal company is an important process for all members of your household. You have to consider the type of specialist you want to be working within your home. It’s important that you follow the industry guidelines and ensure the right company is found on short notice. To help you within this process, our Malkin Cleaners team is highlighting what to look for when hiring a black mold removal company in Vancouver.


The company you hire should have several years of experience within the industry, and should be able to point to their past workmanship as indicators of their experience. Through this experience, they will have learned how best to complete work effectively, and how to minimize errors within their working processes to ensure all mold is removed.


Did they get back to you immediately when you contacted the company? Were they professional and courteous? These are important considerations when working with a service provider because they can show you how they will go about their work within your home. If they don’t get back to you quickly early on, they’re unlikely to schedule the mold removal work quickly. If they are rude over the phone, they are likely to be rude when working in your home. Try to find a company that thrives on professional communication like Malkin Cleaners.

Full Inspection and Removal Services

Some companies can either offer just inspection or simple removal services, it’s important the company you select is able to provide both. Full inspections will ensure that the mold is found promptly and is removed expertly from the home. While expert removal teams will complete the final element of the process, eliminating the mold from the home and making sure all elements are disposed of effectively.

Our team at Malkin Cleaners represent the most trusted local black mold removal company. To learn more on mold remediation services in Vancouver, contact us today!