Malkin Cleaners Establishes Leadership Role as One of the Top Fire and Water Damage Restoration Companies in Vancouver

West Vancouver, BC-based water damage specialists, Malkin Cleaners are quickly becoming one of the most respected fire and water damage restoration companies in the marketplace. The company is now offering emergency response services to help Vancouver companies control and respond to fire and water damage events on their property. It’s a service that is securing homes and businesses, and empowering safe and effective cleaning of residential and commercial spaces.

When a fire impacts a business space, the fire response team must utilize high pressure hoses to put water over the area. This type of water impact can then cause lasting damage to a property if it isn’t cleaned up professionally within a consolidated timeframe. It’s why so many firms are now utilizing  the services of expert water damage restoration companies such as West Vancouver-based Malkin Cleaners.

The Malkin Cleaners fire and water damage restoration service sets the highest of marketplace standards. The company’s services help businesses to minimize losses, as the Malkin Cleaners team utilizes high performance drying equipment and the latest leak detection technology to secure the property. And because Malkin Cleaners deploys a 24/7 response team to businesses and homes across Vancouver, clients can rest assured that an expert is always available to manage their water damage challenges.

To learn more on the services offered through Malkin Cleaners, please contact their office team at (604) 970-9052 or visit their business website directly at