Malkin Cleaners Helping Vancouver Property Owners Secure Basement Spaces with Wet Basement Repair Expertise

West Vancouver, BC-based water intrusion experts, Malkin Cleaners are now working with property owners across the local community in offering dynamic wet basement repair services. The company’s team can help identify the source of basement leaks and ensure the area is repaired ready for the cooler temperatures of the Vancouver wintertime.

The basement area is a common location for leaks within the average property. Water tends to make its way downwards from pipes within the home and can be found within the interior basement walls or under basement flooring spaces. This leaves property owners with a number of structural and health challenges, and so it’s imperative that any wet basement repair work is completed by a professional with years of experience within the industry. Malkin Cleaners are trusted specialists in this area.

The team at Malkin Cleaners can offer a full basement flood restoration solution. This begins with removing wet furniture and other basement elements, and identifying the source of the leaks. Once this source has been identified, the qualified plumbers at Malkin Cleaners can fix the leak. They can then begin their drying work using the latest in industrial drying systems. It’s the ideal service for swift, effective wet basement repair across Vancouver.

Basement water intrusion can now be expertly repaired in a consolidated timeframe. To learn more on the full array of services offered through Malkin Cleaners, please contact their office team at (604) 970-9052 or visit their business website today at