Malkin Cleaners Highlights Reputation as One of the Leading Restoration Companies in Vancouver with Latest Services

West Vancouver, BC-based water damage restoration companies are now helping home and business owners restore their property to its peak condition through their leading-class restoration work. The company deploys the latest leak testing technology and employs one of the most adept IIRC-qualified officials to inspect and repair their clients’ properties. It’s the professional restoration service that can help eliminate dangers of water damage within commercial and residential properties.

Mold and foul odors are only two of the potential issues facing property owners with comprehensive water damage in their homes and businesses. These issues alone will make the property uninhabitable without expert recovery services. And potential structural damage furthers the potential for danger in the property. It’s the reason West Vancouver business owners are now turning to trusted restoration companies such as Malkin Cleaners.

The Malkin Cleaners approach to water damage restoration work is as professional as it is comprehensive. The company works with refined leak detection systems to quickly locate the source of the water on the client’s property. Then, their highly trained experts utilize high powered drying systems to ensure all elements of the property structure are dried and ready for safe use. The entire process is designed to be cost-effective and time efficient to meet the demands of the busy property owner.

To discuss a water damage restoration project with the team at Malkin Cleaners, please contact their offices directly at 604-970-9052 or visit