Malkin Cleaners’ IICRC Certified Expert Plumbers On-Call 24/7 for Emergency Water Damage Restoration Work

West Vancouver, BC-based water damage cleaning experts Malkin Cleaners are now employing expert IIRC certified plumbers to respond to their clients’ emergency water damage restoration needs. The firm’s service will ensure that water damage issues are resolved professionally and with minimal loss to home and business infrastructure. It’s a cost-effective service to help protect clients against long-standing water damage related challenges.

When a water damage incident occurs within a property, the issue must be resolved according to the highest of standards set by the IICRC. Whether the water damage incident is a Category One, Two or Three issue under the latest IICRC guidelines, it’s imperative that a specialist immediately review the damage to devise a plan to restore the property to its original condition. Malkin Cleaners have great experience in this area and they’re now offering their emergency services work on a 24/7 basis to clients across Vancouver, Burnaby and the lower mainland.

A leading advantage of selecting the Malkin Cleaners service is that their plumbers have been trained to identify and target the source of water damage quickly. They use leading-class leak-detection technology to find water damage leaks and resolve the issue with professional efficiency. Whether the problem is related to leaking pipes or a flooded basement area, the Malkin Cleaners team is always ready and able to resolve the issue with expert precision. To learn more on their full suite of water damage restoration services, please contact their offices directly at 604 970-9052 or visit