Malkin Cleaners Introduce 5 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Consider Professional Carpet Cleaning


An immaculate hallway carpet represents the ideal welcome to guests to a home during a summer event. But for those North Vancouver and lower mainland homeowners with high priced, delicate carpets decorating their home, the cleaning process can be especially challenging. It’s important to entrust any complex carpet cleaning projects to companies with years of experience working with a range of materials.

5 reasons to work with professionals for those difficult carpet cleaning jobs

1. Professionals Offer Warranties against Damage

When choosing the DIY route for home or business carpet cleaning, those small mistakes can often turn into expensive disasters. But professional organizations often carry a range of warranties through their carpet cleaning work. These warranties provide clients with piece of mind and ensure that, in the unlikely event that damage to the material occurs, compensation will be provided.

2. Professionals Can Clean Carpets with a Fast Turnaround Time

For those who are entertaining guests during summer events, it’s important to have every element of their property in perfect condition ready for their arrival. But oftentimes there isn’t always time to plan for the level of cleaning required. This leaves homeowners struggling to finish all cleaning and stain removal work before the big day. By choosing a recognized cleaning expert, projects can be completed within as little as 24-hours, providing the highest level of scheduling flexibility.

3. Professionals Can Resolve Common Cleaning Challenges

Homeowners who attempt to clean their carpets without specialist help often encounter problems such as material shrinkage and permanent staining when selecting the wrong solutions for their cleaning tasks. Working with specialists helps prevent such problems from arising and can also ensure that the material retains its peak allure for event-after-event in future. Whether the problem is how to remove a pet stain or how to complete drying without shrinking delicate carpet material, a specialist can help assure seamless cleaning success.

4. Professional Cleaning can be Cost Effective

Compared with the amount of money that homeowners might have to spend on quality home cleaning products, in addition to the time they must take to clean their carpets, professional cleaning work can offer a cost effective solution. One of the ways many homeowners can consolidate the cost of cleaning services is by capitalizing on bulk service discounts to ensure that each of their home carpets is cleaned at the same time. Price doesn’t have to be an impediment to exceptional cleaning results!

5. Cleaners can Identify Potential Fabric Issues

For those with expensive pieces in their home, it’s important to protect the piece and ensure it provides a long-term return on investment. Expert carpet cleaning can help in this regard by ensuring that a professional reviews the fabric for any loose threads or other issues that could potentially degrade the carpet over time. It’s a process that could save homeowners thousands of dollars on having to replace worn carpeting.

The benefits of working with professional carpet cleaning companies before an upcoming summer event are numerous. But before deciding on that ideal company, speak with the specialists at Malkin Cleaners and find out how affordable it is to achieve expert North Vancouver carpet cleaning. To learn more, call the company directly today at 604-970-9052. Technicians are standing-by 24 hours-a-day.