How Malkin Cleaners Has Become a Leading Vancouver Restoration Company

By serving their clients expertly and helping them to resolve their home flooding issues with professionalism and value, local restoration companies can maximize their reputation within the local marketplace. The team at Malkin Cleaners are clear examples of this commitment to quality assurance and in this latest article they explain how their organization developed its reputation as a leading Vancouver restoration company.


A leading element of the Malkin Cleaners service offering is innovation. The company harnesses the latest technology across their services suite, to ensure they can respond to the needs of property owners. This commitment is clear through their use of the latest ultrasonic leak detection systems. The company uses ultra-sonic technology to detect potential leaks within walls and piping areas to help mitigate their potential danger to the home structure. The company also uses the latest technology to dry home spaces within a consolidated timeframe, ensuring that families have fast access to home areas after a flooding event occurs.

Responsive Emergency Services

Malkin Cleaners works with homeowners across the region to ensure they’re responsive to the many challenges property owners face. This means they can then respond to these challenges with direct services. An example of their expertise in this area is the company’s fire damage services. The company operates a 24/7 hotline that property owners can call if they encounter fire damage in their property. Because Malkin Cleaners employs a leading-class team of emergency specialists, they can respond to client needs on short-notice, ensuring that a professional is at the client’s property ready to tackle fire damage issues expertly using the latest equipment.

Experienced Guidance

Malkin Cleaners has been in the restoration marketplace for over 90 years. Since 1923, the company has existed as a local Vancouver restoration company. In their many decades in the industry, they’ve constantly kept up with the latest innovations while maintaining their commitment to homeowners across Vancouver. This experience means they’ve been able to help Vancouver homeowners quickly and simply locate structural issues as well as flood threats within their home. It also means they can complete their work with seamless efficiency, operating quickly to reduce the impact on the property owner.

Wide Suite of Expertise

Beyond their emergency flood restoration services, the company has a wide suite of expertise through which to serve their clients across the marketplace. They currently offer a suite that includes line cleaning, dry cleaning, furnace and air duct cleaning, as well as many more services, thereby supporting the property owner’s full assortment of requirements.

Malkin Cleaners is now the leading company for restoration work in Vancouver. To learn more on the Vancouver specialists’ services, please contact their office team directly at (604) 970-9052 or visit their business website at