Malkin Cleaners Offering a Complete Suite of Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

Trusted West Vancouver, BC-based cleaning experts, Malkin Cleaners is now offering a standout selection of upholstery cleaning services for commercial and residential clients. The company’s certified cleaning team works within a cutting-edge 3000sq.ft facility to offer fast-turnaround cleaning for products such as area rugs, blinds and drapes. It’s a professional service that will ensure that clients are ready to invite guests to their homes for summer events this season!

Across Vancouver and the lower mainland, homeowners are reviewing the best ways in which to remove unsightly stains and dust from blinds and drapes. Oftentimes, simply using regular home cleaning equipment is not enough to maintain upholstery in pristine condition. Homeowners, require the assistance of cleaning specialists to ensure upholstery has a spotless appearance for future events this summer. Now, the experts at Malkin Cleaners are providing the requisite service solution to this common home cleaning challenge.

Malkin Cleaners will provide exquisite care for treasured home upholstery items such as area rugs.  To ensure delicate rug materials such as Persian rugs are protected, they can offer hand-cleaning expertise that helps guard against material damage. They also deliver exemplary cleaning options for drapes and blinds. For example, they offer their same-day cleaning service that puts over 90 years of cleaning experience to work for clients within a less than 24-hour turnaround time. It’s the professional service that empowers exceptional, lasting cleaning results.

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