Malkin Cleaners Offering Full Wet Basement Repair Service and Repair

West Vancouver, BC-based leaders for water leak repair services, Malkin Cleaners are now offering a complete wet basement repair solution. The company’s service begins with a visit to the client’s property to review the water damage, and includes all elements from surface drying to final repair work examination. It’s the trusted repair service to protect property owners for the long-term.

When a property owner experiences a leak within their basement space, they may not notice the signs until the problem has had a significant impact on their property. Water often leaks between basement flooring and walls, causing significant staining and damaging the structure of the home. To respond to this type of issue, property owners must work with a proven specialist within the Vancouver area wet basement repair field. Trusted response and meticulous work are reason so many property owners are now selecting the full service solution offered by Malkin Cleaners.

Malkin Cleaners begin their work by conducting a full examination of the client’s property. They’ll conduct ultrasonic testing of piping to determine the source of the leak and ensure the leak is fixed before they begin their repair and cleanup work. The company also deploys the leading drying technology in the marketplace to ensure furniture, property structure and property equipment is dried and ready for use within a short turnaround time. They then finalize the project by conducting a thorough review of the property to ensure all water has been removed and the area is safe for use.

It’s the complete repair service for high level basement safety. To learn more, speak with the experts at Malkin Cleaners directly at (604) 970-9052 or visit their business website at