Malkin Cleaners Offering Professional Wet Basement Repair Throughout Vancouver

Vancouver, BC-based water intrusion experts, Malkin Cleaners are now offering professional wet basement repair throughout Vancouver. The company’s experts will work with homeowners to analyze their water intrusion issues and then harness the latest removal technology to quickly remove water from floors and dry wall areas to ensure the structural safety of the property. It’s a comprehensive repair process that assures complete water removal for Canadian homes.

Water intrusion is a common issue during the springtime in Vancouver. The additional rainfall at this time of the year can cause significant damage to home areas and may lead to an unsafe home building structure. When water intrusion occurs it must be removed with safety and precision by specialists with years of experience in water intrusion management. And that’s why homeowners throughout Vancouver are now turning to the wet basement repair experts at Malkin Cleaners.

The Malkin Cleaners specialists harness the latest vacuum technology to safely remove water from furniture, carpeting and drywall areas in home basements. They work with homeowners to assess their property and determine the best way to keep the structure safe while they complete the drying process. It’s a service that helps homeowners consolidate the wet basement repair process and ensures a cost-effective approach to water removal.

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