Malkin Cleaners Offering Same-Day Dry Cleaning Service

Vancouver, BC-based specialists for professional cleaning services, Malkin Cleaners are now offering a same-day dry cleaning service to clients across Vancouver and the lower mainland. The company’s same-day drying cleaning service is ideal for clients with emergency cleaning requirements that must be resolved ready for an upcoming event. Malkin Cleaners uses the industry’s leading technology to ensure immaculate results with spot cleaning of stubborn stains on tablecloths, rugs, clothes and many other household materials.

Planning that summer social event can be a challenge for any homeowner. But for those that require quick and effective cleaning of home items before the event begins, the challenge can become insurmountable. Even many of the leading companies serving the Vancouver, BC marketplace require several days to expertly clean household items such as tablecloths. But now, there’s a new same-day dry cleaning service from Malkin Cleaners, which is set to save the day for many event organizers this summer season.

Malkin Cleaners has built a state of the art cleaning facility in which they house the leading dry cleaning equipment on the market today. In addition, the company only uses the safest stain removal systems within their work, to ensure that delicate materials retain their fabric quality after each cleaning application. And because the company offers same-day cleaning for all types of clothing and home material cleaning needs, they can be trusted to ensure exceptional service when clients need them most. It’s the dry cleaning solution that sets the highest standard within the industry.

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