Malkin Cleaners Offers Three Tips for Effective Upholstery Cleaning

Here at Malkin Cleaners, we work with thousands of homeowners each year to ensure they achieve the highest levels of upholstery cleaning performance available in the region. Our experience means we are able to answer questions and provide high level services for individuals who may have challenging cleaning requirements.

Before homeowners send their upholstered material to our specialist team for comprehensive cleaning, it is important they understand processes involved.

3 tips for effective upholstery cleaning.

1. Hand-Washing Expertise is required for Delicate Materials

Most homeowners understand the importance of hand-washing their delicate clothes to prevent damage; the same is true of upholstery products. Delicate upholstery materials must be expertly hand-washed to ensure effective protection for the material during the cleaning process. One of the leading challenges for homeowners in completing this level of cleaning within their own home is that many cleaning products required for effective hand-washing are not available in the retail marketplace. In addition, hand-washing upholstery requires an expert knowledge of the material’s durability and the requirements to remove specific types of stain from the material.

2. Professional Upholstery Cleaners Must Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Materials

It is important for homeowners to choose upholstery cleaning companies that understand how to clean materials without the use of toxic chemicals. Toxic cleaning chemicals can have a negative effect on the home environment and may cause allergic reactions to those who are particularly sensitive to certain chemical components. It is important for homeowners to speak with their chosen cleaning specialist directly about the types of cleaning products the company uses and the effect, if any, those chemicals might have on the home. Most of the leading Vancouver and Lower Mainland upholstery cleaning companies will use cleaning products that are both safe for the environment and comprise non-toxic elements.

3. Choose a Company that Continually Offers Discounts and Same-Day Cleaning Services

Homeowners should try to locate companies that are committed to cost-effective workmanship. Upholstery cleaning can be expensive when homeowners don’t research the industry to find discount services. There are a broad range of local companies serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Selecting the requisite company means reviewing a range of service catalogues to find discount and specialist services that will resolve all demands. Companies that offer discount upholstery cleaning services are often the preferred choice because a discount price might allow the homeowner to try the service before committing to more expensive cleaning work with other companies. Researching the local industry is the best way to find a trusted, experienced cleaning specialist.

The entire team at Malkin Cleaners has many years of experience cleaning a broad range of upholstery materials. To learn more tips for cleaning upholstery, contact the company directly today at 604-970-9052 or visit